Here at Fashion Heaven Inc, you will meet a passionate London based team inspired to match great people with great opportunities in the ever-evolving worlds of the fashion, home, luxury, beauty and wellness industries.

We were born in 2010 and bring a deeply knowledgeable holistic approach to recruitment, consultancy, coaching and trend intelligence.

We push the envelope daily using our industry expertise to achieve inspired results.

We work with established and emerging visionary global brands and businesses blazing a trail in across contemporary and luxury fashion, sportswear, lifestyle, home decor and interiors, beauty and wellness, some breaking boundaries in innovation with an ever-growing number of sustainable and ethical brands harnessing traditional craftsmanship or the powers of technology and science.

We share insights, industry and market intelligence to create an informative hiring experience using pin-point accuracy in aligning brands and individuals to create inspired partnerships.


Our Trend Intelligence platform offers a unique opportunity to receive trend insights curated for your brand, working with your brand DNA to create a sustainable and evolving journey relevant to your customer.


If you’re interested in harnessing your talents more effectively, our coaching service provides a platform for you to engage with coaches specialising in different fields of career and personal development.


Fiona, is a highly talented and credible consultant I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge of the fashion industry is second to none, her contacts are incredible and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody inside or trying to get into the fashion industry. Her approach to recruitment is focused on finding the right match for her candidates based on their feedback and experience. I found an excellent opportunity through Fiona to work with an inspirational Creative Director and creative team leading to long lasting friendships! Thank you Fiona!!

Head Office Manager