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For individuals online payments are accepted by all major credit cards. Payment must be made 3 days in advance of each session.

For companies payments are by bank transfer 5 days ahead of the coaching start date.

We can’t start your coaching journey until payment is received.





Any special discounts will be valid for a limited time only and outlined clearly in the offer.

Discounts are non-transferable and cannot be applied in relation to any other offers.


Session Cancellation / Postponement


You may reschedule or cancel your coaching session up to 48 hours in advance of the session start time.  

Rescheduling or cancelling within 48 hours of your session will result in you losing the cost and benefits of the session.


Single Session


If it suits you to pay as you go, we offer hourly rates and single sessions.


Session Plans


For those who prefer to book session plans and diarise their sessions in advance, we offer packages available upon request and discussion with your coach.




The results you achieve, depend very much on you and your engagement, openness, effort and time investment in the process. Everyone is unique. The results you get, come down to the action you take, towards what you want to achieve.

It is a bit like learning a language, you have to take the classes and practice in between as much as possible, maintaining effort and consistency to achieve the best results.




You are responsible for confirming each session and being on time. If an occasion arises where you are running late due to unforeseen circumstances, you must notify your coach.


Repeatedly being late will be detrimental to the process and may result in termination of your coaching. Be organised and aim to arrive a few minutes before the start of each session in order to get the most from each session.


If you need help in between sessions, reach out to your coach. 

Frequency + Expiry

Maintaining momentum is key to your coaching success. For best results, we recommend weekly to twice monthly coaching sessions.


Privacy + Confidentiality


All information you share with your Coach is private and confidential.




Have a laptop, phone or notebook, to hand to make notes, this is your responsibility. Taking your own notes cements the information in your mind and provides a reference point to build from. Your coach may provide you with additional information relevant to your goals and objectives.

Hold yourself accountable! Be active in the process, set realistic goals agreed with your coach that you know you can achieve. Be prepared to make adjustments to your thinking and maybe your schedule, this is after all a learning opportunity.

Ultimately, the success of your coaching journey is based on your desire for change and actions.



Privacy Policy


Your data and any coaching experience is kept confidential at all times.

No personal information that is provided to us will be shared with any third party. We send occasional marketing emails to update you of relevant services you have shown interest in. You reserve the right to unsubscribe at any time in any email sent. All information provided will only be used to contact you on occasion and possibly send you discounts/offers and useful articles related to your query with us.


3rd Party + Internal Data Privacy Policy

We use Wix Payments as our secure payment system. Our client privacy policy, is to only share detailed session information on a minimal, need-to-know basis, on the occasion there is a divergence away from the usual coaching standards or process, to ensure the highest standards are being met and the client’s well-being and experience is being prioritised.


For any questions


Please contact us via the Contact Us form or email us at

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