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Your life is the ultimate DIY project. Nobody can do it for you. But doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing alone. We all need someone to hand us a tool from time to time, to offer some structural knowhow and to sweep away the dust clouding your vision.


We’re not going to root into your childhood to unearth repressed memories. We won’t rehash the past, we’ll reference it. We’ll use your personal history as a research tool for pattern recognition. We’ll identify the blocks and thought programs that don’t support the direction you’d like to move in.


Eventually, you’ll come to recognise that some thoughts can simply be picked up and discarded. You’ll clear a path. It’s a process of removal, rather than addition, that results in the abundance you deserve. We can’t access the new if we’re forever tripping over the old.


    1 Hour Coaching session for professionals at any level. Sessions will be over a zoom call, the access code will be sent to you prior to the appointment. 

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