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Raw Talent Podcast S4 Episode 2 with Fiona Ryn Co-Founder of Bower Swimwear

In today's episode of Raw Talent, we are off to the Netherlands and getting all summery with sustainable swim & resort wear brand Bower. As soon as I head to the website, I want to book a holiday and buy everything!

Bower offers modern design-led beautifully constructed swimwear for men and women that promotes functionality and ease of wear. 1% of profits are donated to the Healthy Seas initiative and all swimwear is created from fabrics produced with ECONYL®, a yarn created from post-consumer plastic waste including discarded fishing nets.

Fiona's career in fashion evolved following her decision to park her university degree in journalism in Sydney and head across the world to the UK, where through a mixture of actively driving her career path and reacting to opportunities, she established a career in sales at wholesale showroom Paper Mache Tiger which was followed by a move to DKNY exposing her to large-scale budgets and brand strategy.

Bower was founded in 2014 with her photographer husband Rupert, as an ethical swimwear brand, focused on harnessing circularity from the latest sustainable raw materials to short-run production partnering closely with two small specialist European factories. After the initial impact of the pandemic, Fiona and Rupert seized the opportunity to pivot the business towards a more direct to consumer model and have gone from strength to strength, experiencing a delightful reaction from their customers, who love the personal engagement with Fiona.

As co-founders, they are relishing the opportunity to create the products they love rather than products purely tailored towards the wants and needs of wholesale retailers. There are some exciting collaborations to look forward to in 2021 with new items dropping in the coming weeks and months. Just in time for the summer holidays!

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