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Raw Talent Podcast S3 Episode 5 with Spark Design Academy Founders Rob Warner & Craig Buglass

This week we are heading into the world of design with Creative Directors Rob Warner and Craig Buglass, who between them have amassed 45 years experience and are proud owners of the award-winning design agency Spark and founders of Spark Design Academy.

Together, they have designed a series of courses that can fast-track your career, built from the knowledge they have of working at the highest level in the field. Spark Design Academy has been crafted to provide you with everything you need to develop your core design, presentation and business skills with a window into the world of luxury, fashion and sportswear industries, giving you the advantages you need to forge a successful career.

It has been fascinating chatting with Rob and Craig and learning about Spark Design Agency which was early to the party in operating as a decentralised businesses model, enabling them to collaborate with a wide range of talented individuals with specific skills tailored to each project.

Spark Design Academy is about giving back to anyone with an appetite for learning. We can look forward to courses that include men's football, women's football, sportswear, sustainable innovation, outerwear and talent retention to name a few, shared by people who are living and breathing the industry on a daily basis.

Purpose and impact are the overarching messages in this podcast, with the demise of brands that have been too slow at embracing change, to those that are innovating by bringing new product to market that reflects how people feel and what they want to invest in, with investment being the operative word.

Rob and Craig are inspired by a return to considered purchasing replacing disposable fashion and by the consciousness of the younger generation who understand the value of swapping and sharing. They choose to work with people that share their values and are running positive work cultures. Running your own business means living and breathing what you do, but at the same time, if it's something you love, every day is exciting.

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