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Raw Talent Podcast S3 Episode 4 with Elodie Carpentier founder of Le Rouge Francais

This week, Raw Talent is heading to Paris to speak with Elodie Carpentier founder of Le Rouge Francais the first vegetable-based ethical cosmetics brand inspired by a search, whilst pregnant for chemical-free cosmetics that would not harm the baby.

Le Rouge Francais is blazing a trail in ethical make-up innovation using pigments derived from plants. Dyer’s madder, alkanet, achiote (ah-chee-oh-tah), red radish, elderberry, hibiscus, sweet potato, purple corn, tomato lycopene are all sources of inspiration infused to reveal their natural, colours. As a bonus, they also boast extraordinary biological properties that nourish, hydrate, repair and protect the skin.

Forging a path in natural, responsible and sustainable cosmetics, Le Rouge Francais collaborate with pioneers and artisan communities in sourcing fair trade certified, ethical, sustainable, organic ingredients.

Avoiding the use of allergens like titanium dioxide, they have taken their lead from the food industry in inventing new techniques to extract ingredients which are sourced using organic and bio-diverse farming methods. They have learned that people don’t want to compromise they want clean healthy formulations and eco-friendly packaging.

The Le Rouge Francais customer is part of a new generation engaged in human health, the planet and animal welfare who wants to buy products aligned with their values. They have created a highly stylish, fully recyclable refillable lipstick holder and apple skin leather case for added finesse, blending the notion of ethical with luxury.

The flagship store in Paris is an immersive experience in which you can learn about the product and even make your own lipstick. We're looking forward to seeing what is next to come from Le Rouge Francais as they continue to innovate and wow the market with inspiring new products.

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