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Raw Talent Podcast S1 Episode 5 with Claire Hughes Product & Sourcing Consultant

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Joining me in Episode 5 of Raw Talent is Claire Hughes. Claire brings a wealth of experience in product development and sourcing from her commercial roots at Next Sourcing, George at Asda and Saltrock, which have taken her around the world, to a number of entrepreneurial ventures including an exciting start-up Hemp project.

Social Starters supports a new wave of entrepreneurs who see beyond the basics of profit. Cirkiit is a lifestyle clothing brand for people who love to express themselves through workout and leisure clothing and with Hemptex Claire is working on a groundbreaking eco-friendly sustainability initiative with Governments in under-developed countries to develop Eco fibre industries from Hemp with the goal of creating opportunities for farmers, employment for skilled workers, social and economic growth and global export markets.

Claire's dedication, tenacity and focus are highly impressive. She has jumped many hurdles as Co-Founder of Hemptex which is being driven by her sheer determination and commitment, proof of what can be achieved if you're passionate about making a difference.

@hemptex @futurefashionfactory

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