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Showcasing Freelancer Talent

Are you a brand gearing up for September and thinking about fashion design, PR or trend direction?

This month we are showcasing 3 outstanding candidates.

Women's RTW Designer

On the design side, one of our incredibly talented Women’s RTW Designers is moving on after several years at a well-known British luxury brand and is looking to freelance.

His experience combines leather, dresses and soft separates, (day through to evening), creating commercially successful collections, enhanced by bold use of colour, fabric and trim embodying the personality of the brand.

If you are in need of a designer and would like to harness some fantastic talent, chat to Fiona or Gigi at or call us on +44 (0)20 3008 5100.

PR Consultant

In our PR stable, we have a highly connected Freelance PR Consultant who works with small and emerging brands offering a budget-friendly range of PR services from which you can select your most immediate priorities, based on a range of options. There is also an added discount for a bundled monthly rate if two or more are selected:

A. UK & US Digital Editorial Placement

B. UK & US Print Editorial Placement

C. Celebrity & Influencer Placement

D. Social Media Strategy

What you’ll get for your buck is a targeted and tailored vision across editorial, gifting and social media along with a monthly report that tracks response. The goal is to build traction that converts into sales. It works best when like minds come together and we’ve seen great results with brands encouragingly holding their own and excelling despite the pandemic.

If fresh PR input is what you need, please contact or call +44 (0)20 3008 5100 and let's start a conversation.

Trend Consultant

Trend guidance works best when it is bespoke. Our trend consultants are experts in global trend forecasting, sales analysis and consumer behaviour, presenting focused storyboards by category or collection tailored to your business needs. Working with your brand ethos, they pave the way with ideas and direction on shape, colour, print and raw materials, to empower you to wow your customer with the next 'must-have’ styles and seasonal move on's.

Fashion is all about newness. Brand loyalty is built on trust and your customers will be excited to see what you are doing in 2021.

For affordable, project-based trend direction tailored to your needs, drop us a line at or call +44 (0)20 3008 5100.

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