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Seed Brands Leading the Charge

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Our most recent seed brand experience circles back to that little window in the pandemic where we briefly felt a sense of normality returning.

In August, we had an outdoor afternoon meeting at the AllBright Mayfair with a small, award-winning circular sustainable footwear brand which has recently received funding. The founder was looking for a partner to help evolve the brand. In chatting through her objectives before our initial meeting, we felt the initial focus might best be served with a strategy that enables her to invest in the right people and resources as she needs them.

Taking the brand's objectives into consideration, we pitched a vision as a starting point for how the project might evolve, which led to a focused search for a freelance creative to build out the proposition informed by market intelligence, brand positioning and creative vision combined with expertise in product development and sourcing.

We had the pleasure of meeting some of the industries most talented international designers who are at the top of their field in the design and development of contemporary and luxury footwear, from which a London based designer with a wealth of experience and proven track record in start-up success was selected.

With every search assignment, everyone brings a different blend of experience and the ultimate decision as is often the case, boiled down to gut instinct informed by Zoom meetings, contacts, knowledge and experience. When the brand launches in Summer 2021 it will be encouraging to imagine the pandemic will be under control... we can dream!

Meanwhile, we will continue to act as a sounding board throughout the project providing guidance as needed in implementing budget-friendly resources at key milestones with the ultimate goal of launching a new luxury brand that excites the market embedding circularity and sustainability at its core supported by technical innovation that enhances the customer experience.

Watch this space...

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