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Recruitment for Independent Brands

Living with a pandemic for office-based workers means adjusting to an ongoing home-based remote reality supplemented with COVID safe office time. If you are a fashion or product-based business, having a strong market strategy is one thing, having the most effective team structure to support it, is another. Plugging holes to drive efficiency can have an uplifting impact on both your team and revenue, driving both efficiency and results.

What does recruitment now look like for independent brands?

In short, the pandemic has emboldened a growing flexible workforce like never before, as people seek to achieve a better work/life balance. Independent brands have an opportunity to harness a wide range of new and existing talent hungry to put their skills to good use across multiple disciplines within the fashion and creative industries.

How do you get the most from your hiring budget?

As brands adjust to the growing demands of online shopping, digital, e-commerce, PR and social media strategies are more vital than ever in supporting brand growth. Catching up with your team and asking them to identify areas of opportunity, as well as pressure points that may need additional resourcing, backed up with examples, helps you to forward plan. 

Last year we placed a freelance PR consultant with an emerging menswear brand. Following a speculative meeting, the brand asked for a PR proposal which impressed them enough to make an incentivised offer to leverage the US market over an initial three month trial period. Sales jumped in month one directly attributable to US press and influencer coverage. The brand then reassigned the UK market and despite the pandemic and a few shaky moments sales overall have held steady. This proved to be an affordable solution to achieving measurable PR in key markets for an emerging brand, fuelled by an opportunity to harness the expertise of a conscientious and results-focused freelancer and is just one example of how ongoing freelance support can add tangible value. 

However, if you’re in need of full-time support, the market is awash with talent. Depending on your time and resources, you have the option to surf the market directly, which can be overwhelming and very time consuming or harness support from sector specialists like us, who can manage the hiring process and provide a valuable sounding board.

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