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Raw Talent Podcast Series 2 Episode 4 with Ashley Marsh from Rapha

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We first started working with Rapha back in 2014 when the brand was beginning to scale. We were tasked, by the then CEO with finding a production manager and set a very specific brief resulting in a successful hire.

Fast forward 3 years and Ashley Marsh joined the HR team and is my guest on Raw Talent, here to inspire us with a birds-eye view from inside the cycling revolution, which has been gripping our screens, streets and outdoor spaces and is being championed by the UK government, who are on a mission to promote healthy active lifestyles by improving road safety for cyclists. Amsterdam is coming to the UK!

Ashley tells how after studying social science at university, he ventured into the insurance industry but found himself disillusioned by a lack of evolution. Encouraged by others to make an early change, he decided to explore opportunities linked to his passion for cycling and enquired about roles at Rapha. There was nothing at the time however, his patience paid off as a year later an opportunity became available.

We discover how both sales and the culture at Rapha have been impacted by the pandemic and how they are managing to keep the company cycling. We also gain a glimpse into Ashley's role and the skills that facilitate cross-functional multi-level communication across a business that prioritises emotional intelligence as a key indicator when hiring.

And we find out what's to come in 2021 by way of new product!

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