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Raw Talent Podcast S3 Episode 7 with Brand Consultant Erin Mullaney

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Welcome to our latest episode of Raw Talent with brand consultant Erin Mullaney. Erin shares with us some of her early career highlights at Harrods, Selfridges and Browns, which were so much fun to think about, working with Mohammed Al Fayed and his daughters at Harrods for a year, before being invited by her boss to Selfridges to work on the Super Brands which was an incredible experience in a huge company that felt more like a family business. Erin learned how to run a business within a business. It was an exciting time going to all the shows and Erin's first proper buying role. Browns was the next highlight, working with Joan Burstein for 4 years, whose wise words have stuck with Erin throughout her career, she said, "always be kind, respond to every email and see every brand, as you never know who is going to be the next big thing."

In reaching the pinnacle of her Browns experience, Erin was approached by Avenue32 co-founder Roberta Benteler about a 3D online shopping street concept, a bit like a video game. It was so ahead of its time the tech just wasn't ready yet. However, this didn't stop the two of them from building a phenomenally successful online website showcasing and launching emerging brands offering a customer journey that had their competitors racing to replicate.

Erin shares how her experience working with the multi-talented visionary Tom Ford led to her started her own consultancy realising she could take her 20 years of experience and her network to small businesses that could never afford her but would benefit from her help. It has been fascinating to hear how Lisou has smashed its sales targets by 400% and to dive into the nuances of driving online engagement and conversion by harnessing the power and presence of the voice behind the brand.

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