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Raw Talent Podcast S3 Episode 3 with Keiran Hewkin founder of Swyft Home

Swyft is the story of a budding entrepreneur waiting to be unleashed, which manifested during Keiran's school days, much to the horror or his teachers and parents. In our podcast interview, he takes us on a journey of early business attempts and the joys of getting down and dirty in manufacturing before following his passion to work in London where he landed a job with a bespoke furniture maker.

Keiran's entrepreneurial spirit was once again unleashed during his employment and after pitching an idea to the board which they rejected, he fell on his sword and left to start Swyft with his business partner. Taking the learnings from those early entrepreneurial experiences, they wrote a business plan and stuck determinedly to the mission. This allowed them to evolve from a bespoke commission-based business model into a company that is driven by a desire to combine high quality beautifully designed furniture with unexpected convenience through thoughtfully concieved easy self-assembly and delivery within 48 hours, whilst championing a people-first mindset which is at the heart of their culture.

The overwhelming customer reaction can be seen on their website! Swyft is blazing a trail in innovation and ingenuity revolutionising packaging and logistics processes along the way. Their next milestone is to right one of the last great crimes against furniture, the sofabed.

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