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Raw Talent Podcast S2 Episode 7 with online rental store Our Closet

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In S2 Episode 7 of Raw Talent, Rosie De Malmanche founder of Our Closet walks us through her professional life. After studying veterinary science, Rosie took time out to go travelling and explore the world deciding upon her return to live and work in Singapore. A friend mentioned Oil and Gas as one of the main industries to consider and after finding a role Rosie built a career over 5 years moving from Singapore to Australia in this period.

With the resources industry prone to peaks and troughs, a period of decline set in resulting in redundancy leaving Rosie in an uncertain space and reconsidering her options. Unsure what to do next she started freelancing and came to the conclusion that she wants to work in a role that resonates with her values and creates a positive footprint.

To earn some extra cash, she casually began renting out her extensive wardrobe which she'd built up through her years of travelling. Some of her friends started asking if they could rent out some of their clothes as well and Rosie saw an opportunity to create a platform where clothes could be rented in a safe and secure way, whilst still being available for the owner to wear them too, and Our Closet evolved.

Initially launching in Australia, Rosie wanted to spread her wings and her sister suggested she explore an ancestral visa and consider London as the second country to launch in. She arrived with her cat, not knowing a soul and set about networking using all the skills she'd learnt in Oil and Gas.

As she got to know people and followed every lead she gradually found the right people and built a team launching Our Closet in the UK at the beginning of 2019. When Covid struck a year later, Rosie found herself grounded in New Zealand where she has taken the opportunity to refine the platform amalgamating all the learnings to launch Our Closet NZ, which has been the highlight of her career so far.

The feedback from customers has been super positive, they love having the option to both rent and sell and to choose from designer and non-designer items. For special occasions, being able to rent an amazing dress adds an extra element of confidence to the experience of the occasion. Rosie explains being less impacted by the pandemic, the New Zealand events season is about to start with precautions in place. As they refine the NZ platform, Rosie will be showcasing the revamped Our Closet UK in the very near future.

Rosie's mission is to create a legacy that leaves a positive impact and helps solve the issue of oversupply and landfill. Brands are also catching on as a way to monetise excess stock and she has several interested in testing Our Closet NZ.

If you have a wardrobe of fabulousness that you'd love to monetise and share with like-minded individuals, head to Our Closet UK or Our Closet NZ

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