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Raw Talent Podcast S2 Episode 3 with Luxury Brand Consultant Russell Hammond

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Our paths first crossed back in 2009 as the global financial crash was biting and the job market was in turmoil, similar to today. Russell and I independently of one another set up businesses and he approached me to help find him a business partner. I was super busy at the time in a one person business and completely forgot to get back to him! However, our paths crossed again a couple of years later and we have been regular collaborators ever since.

Fast forward 10 years and a global pandemic and we are both in a rebuilding phase as the fashion industry shakes itself down and maps new pathways aimed at addressing sustainability, purpose and impact.

Inspired by his acting family having grown up surrounded by creative minds, Russell walks us through a fascinating career. After failing his A-Levels having discovered girls and cars, he took a gap year intending to re-sit his exams and go to university but instead landed a role in customer services during the rise of Burberry, progressing through the ranks under the inspirational leadership of Rose Marie Bravo and Michelle Smith, before moving on to Temperley 12 years later as Burberry pivoted from a design led business to a customer focused business.

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