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Raw Talent Podcast S2 Episode 2 with Innovator Lisa Miller

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

In this episode of Raw Talent, I am talking with the inspirational Lisa Miller who brings us hope and excitement with teasers of some of the product innovations taking place in the fashion industry and the opportunities these will create as we navigate through the impact of COVID.

Lisa is a pioneering Fabric Technical Manager with global experience in yarn and fabric development and sourcing and manufacturing processes. She specialises in functional sportswear, athleisure, outerwear and garment innovation and has lived and worked in Morocco, Central America, Asia & Canada amassing a vast library of contacts throughout the world.

Lisa is a results-focused, commercially minded, leader and motivator. Through our conversation, we learn that fabrics will become ever-more responsive, whilst garments evolve to become multi-functional embodying performance and functionality as standard for a range of combined end uses, the impact of which will be a driving force in longevity and quality over disposable consumption.

For anyone starting out in the industry or finding themselves on the hunt for a new role, Lisa says hold tight, we will come through the COVID disruption. Don’t let this period dismay you. It is only going to get more exciting, people want beautiful comfortable clothing and the industry is responding. Look and feel combined are critical. Staying at the forefront of what you do is super important, more so now than ever.

Lisa encourages us to be reactionary and highlights the importance of brands listening to consumer requirements and their changing and evolving habits. She also explains how working in manufacturing has been pivotal in her career in gathering 360 experience, and as an advocate of humility, how empowering people, learning from your peers and leading by example is the way forward.

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