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Raw Talent Podcast S2 Episode 10 with Alohas Head of PR Laura Lamarca

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Having just completed a Business & Marketing Degree, I ask Laura where her career started and how she got into PR. She explains it has been a very exciting couple of years and quite the ride. She was working as a headhunter in Barcelona but wanted to do something more creative and inspirational, ideally for a company she really believes in and that would allow her to work and study at the same time. She applied to Alohas and was interviewed by the founder Alejandro, and he hired her. It is the perfect fit, as fashion blends both business and creativity and she gets to work with an incredible team, who are always open to new ideas.

We love Alohas, the product is fabulous and they are leading by example with an on-demand business model, where customers can pre-order products aimed at avoiding over-production. I ask how the consumer is reacting to the idea of their wishes being on-demand? Laura shares that consumers have actually provided valuable insights. They have some great reviews that show people actively trust their business model and want to purchase well-made items, produced to order. Customers have also helped the brand with its forecasting by sharing their shopping agenda.

I observe that it feels quite special to order a pair of shoes, boots a bag or piece of knitwear that is being specially made for your order. I ask Laura whether the pre-order experience builds anticipation and encourages us to think differently and treasure our purchases as investment items that we want to keep and look after? Laura tells us that of course this year we have all learned that we need to take care of our family, friends, colleagues and each other. The goal of Alohas is to educate customers on ethical sourcing and production so that they can participate in creating positive change.

The beauty of the pre-order model is that it creates an immersive experience which allows customers to feedback on their latest collections: what they liked, what they didn’t, what they want to change and what they wished was different, whilst still offering brand new styles reflecting the most promising trends of the season. Laura explains it has been a tough ride, on-demand is challenging for several reasons as it reverses the traditional sales calendar and doesn’t necessarily follow a linear timeline. They started asking customers about their experience and are getting reviews from all over the world. Alohas was founded on the mantra of, "Good for the People, Good for the Planet and Good for Profit."

As a brand they are doing a lot more than making shoes; they are changing the way people shop for fashion. I want to know how consumers reacted to the Mindful Tips series on Instagram, which is designed to reconcile our style devotion and environmental consciousness. Past chapters have covered, "how to give a second life to clothes you already own", "shoe care practices to make them last longer" and "how to build a timeless capsule wardrobe".

Laura says it is all part of their 12 resolutions series to become a better brand by focusing on positive impact initiatives. She says all brands should stop listening to the boardroom and start listing to their communities. The community response has been amazing and out of 16 idea suggestions, they have selected one for a new project.

As Alohas has steadily grown in the last few years, I ask Laura what have been the highlights of her experience so far and in the evolution of the brand? She tells me this year they partnered with Pinterest on a collection designed with some of the most inspiring influencers of today, which has been incredibly exciting for a small privately-owned company of 26 people.

Tune in and discover the full story of how brands are reacting in a year like no other.

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