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Raw Talent Podcast S2 Episode 1 with Head of Trend Constantinos Tsikkos

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Series 2 of Raw Talent kicks off with part two of the conversation with Constantinos Tsikkos, deep-diving into his vision of how the fashion landscape will look as our lives adjust to a pandemic induced rollercoaster normality. How large-scale retailers and brands are being disrupted and will need to embrace innovation and collaboration to survive and how a more discerning consumer has been emerging in the last few years, sparking a wave of new small independent brands on a mission to make a positive environmental and social impact by driving sustainability, while offering a point of difference and a more considered product.

We discuss how retailers can seamlessly merge offline and online experiences as showcased by Swedish streetwear brand Tres Bien through their virtual store tours on Zoom And we explore the importance of brand messaging; being informed, being agile and showcasing sustainability, prioritising your community and harnessing consumer loyalty.

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