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Raw Talent Podcast S1 Episode 1 My Story Live 8am BST Thursday 11th June...

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

What have recruitment businesses that specialise in fashion and the creative industries been doing in lockdown? Well, as business fell off a cliff in March, it became clear that the time to pivot is now. 

Having taken a couple of weeks to watch the world go by following the passing of my dad to Coronavirus at the beginning of April, I started to think about what we can do and how fun it would be turn our interview experiences into podcasts. 

When we introduce candidates for roles, our clients aren’t always aware of the in-depth conversations that have taken place before a CV lands in their inbox. Those that know us well, know that we are super conscientious about matching the each role with the skills and personalities that will create a winning formula for both sides. We really do drill down into the nitty gritty of what makes someone tick, where their passions, experience and skills lie, their vision for their career path and the types of brands they want to work for. 

At the end of April, I started recording the podcast series Raw Talent, which launches at 8am BST on Thursday 11th June on our website and Spotify. Raw Talent is a birds eye view into the many disciplines that exist within the global fashion and creative industries, as told by people of all levels, backgrounds and experiences, who are at the heart of the creative industries and global fashion community. Raw Talent will be available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcast next week.

Series one kicks off with a bit about my history and experiences interspersed with a few funny stories and lays the foundation for the series. In episode two, I am joined by fashion PR expert Melda Guvenc who walks us through her PR journey. As the series evolves we weave our way across the industry exploring trend, fashion design, manufacturing, product development, raw materials and 3D innovation, production and sourcing and luxury sales. 

We learn of peoples hopes and wishes for the evolution of our industry into something leaner, greener and more sustainable. Trimming some of the excesses, whilst creating accessibility, embracing diversity and ensuring people of all levels are valued and looked after. Aligning supply with demand and nurturing and supporting the livelihoods of this passionate and skilled community.

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