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Raw Talent Podcast S1 Episode 4 with Diane Elgar, HR & Compliance expert

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Joining me in episode 4 of Raw Talent, Diane shares with us her journey from the factory floor in the North of England to HR and compliance in London and Bangladesh.

The thread that links her experience is camaraderie and the importance of relationships that value and empower, motivate and reward. When businesses get the balance right, they achieve faster results by consolidating expertise to achieve a common goal. 

Diane exudes positivity, enthusiasm, knowledge and industry expertise in abundance. She brings people together with great success. We worked together at Dewhirst Group for over 12 years and experienced the fashion industry transform around us. Some of my best memories are of our FaceTime calls, with Diane walking across the factory floor in Bangladesh, camera facing the room and the smiling local team waving and shouting hello and me being mesmerised by the size, order, cleanliness and enthusiasm, I encountered in those calls.

Over the years we must have recruited every role you can think of from graduates to executives in the UK and Far East. The major take away from this experience is the importance of team spirit and willingness to continually reinvent in response to an ever shifting market, something Diane and Dewhirst have always embraced.

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