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Raw Talent Pocast S1 Episode 2 with PR expert Melda Guvenc

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Join me today Monday 15th June for our first guest episode of Raw Talent with Melda Guvenc.

Melda takes us on a transatlantic journey from Santa Barbara and LA to London, sharing how her PR career took off with some compelling LA experiences ultimately leading her to London on a consultancy visa with the challenge of getting herself established.  She shares how we met and forged a bond during an altogether unexpected experience with a small brand we were working with. Together we took a negative situation, discovered the learnings and worked together to build out a business strategy that would enable Melda to get up and running as a freelance consultant doing what she loves, which is working with exciting emerging brands.  She shares how persistence and work ethic pay off and how serendipity has played a lead role in the evolution of her career. We observe how life is often signposted by seemingly random events and occurrences which when we notice them and act upon them with a bit of blind faith, one thing leads to another and new opportunities unfold, something Melda has done with great effect. Since we recorded this podcast at the end of April, the landscape has been evolving and we are looking forward to seeing how the fashion industry begins its bounce back as bricks and mortar stores reopen. If you a brand interested in working with Melda, please do not hesitate to drop us a line here or on

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