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When we introduce candidates for roles, our clients aren’t always aware of the in-depth conversations that have taken place before a CV lands in their inbox. Those that know us well, know that we are super conscientious about matching each role with the skills and personalities that will create a winning formula for both sides. We really do drill down into the nitty gritty of what makes someone tick, where their passions, experience and skills lie, their vision for their career path and the types of brands they want to work for. 

I was chatting with an industry friend and past candidate recently, he is a sales wizard with extensive global retail and wholesale experience, and an eye and an instinct for leveraging opportunities through astute pricing, budget management, team work and an eye for merchandise, which extends from luxury fashion and accessories to bespoke interiors. We got chatting about LinkedIn and the insane number of applications for each role requiring ‘someone’ to switch their time and attention to sifting and exploring. He said, "I’d never do that, it’s money well spent having someone you know and trust do this for you and by the way why don’t you write about this on your blog because the work you do behind the scenes really makes a difference".

His point was discovering the power of collaboration with an objective external partner. Covid has changed the landscape. Businesses have discovered their employees can work very effectively from home. Will this in turn pave the way for a flexible, partly home based office culture? And will it fuel a realisation for businesses that having the opportunity to pick and choose expertise to work with, without being solely reliant on sometimes overstretched in-house teams, can be highly beneficial in contributing to the building of a diverse workforce, inspired by flexibility and motivated by sustainable results? 

Share your thoughts.

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