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Interviewing Inspiration

Today's blog is all about career coaching focusing on interviewing and interview prep.

Whilst job opportunities in the fashion industry are being impacted by the pandemic sister sectors are booming. Having just rebranded from Fashion Heaven Inc. to Fiona Abrahams Creative Consultancy we're broadening our horizons and working across Fashion, Home, Luxury, Beauty and Wellness.

The traditional boundaries between industries have blurred a little in our digital age as individuals gather experience in multiple sectors through side hustles or main roles. Whilst certain disciplines are vocations specific to a dedicated profession, others are transferable and worthy of consideration.

Interviewing is sometimes a numbers game, "Everyone brings a unique blend of experience", is a phrase I have repeated many times over the years and is a good one to remember. Hiring decisions often come down to a mix of chemistry, attitude, skills, expectations and experience. You never know who else you're up against and so taking a philosophical approach is a good tip in building resilience and not taking anything too personally.

If you're actively job-hunting within your field or considering a pivot based on transferable skills, we're on hand with helpful tips and advice especially when it comes to job hunting, CV writing, portfolios and interview prep inspired by insights that can be used time and again.

A one-time coaching session is sometimes all that's needed, it can be split in two so that you have the opportunity to make notes, absorb, reflect and come back with any questions or to receive feedback on tasks set.

To find out more or to book a 15-20 minute free discovery call head to our Coaching zone

Until the 6th November, we're offering a 10% coaching discount with the code FACC10.

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