Sustainability: Fad or Future?

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Sustainability in fashion is fast becoming a topic across many major media outlets. Vogue, Forbes and Wired to name a few, along with social activists are applying pressure on the top fashion houses to become more socially aware.

The movement, also dubbed ‘eco fashion’, is part of the fast-growing trend to create a system of production which indefinitely causes the least impact on the environment.

One of the voices at the forefront of the movement is fashion designer and business woman, Stella McCartney. The renowned luxury designer, who, from the beginning of her career has refused to use leather, fur or feathers in her creations, has become a pioneer for the end to ‘fast fashion’ and non-economically friendly methods of production.

“The starting point is not design, the starting point is sustainability”

  • Stella McCartney for Wired Magazine, Dec 2018.

Reports suggest that landfill has increased 50% since the emergence of fast fashion over 25 years ago, so the need for new production techniques and design has never been so great.

The principle of durable design and production is something other fashion giants are also catching on to, with personalisation being a hugely successful way to do this. The likes of Nike, Adidas and Vans all offering customised designs in popular trainer designs, creating longevity in their designs.

Fast fashion is such a popular industry with the likes of Primark and e-tailers Missguided and Fashionova having such a strong foothold in the market.

Regardless of the pioneers in the fashion industry within both luxury and mainstream mid-market sectors, we’ll soon see what this means to other companies. Whether they will turn to sustainability in their designs, or is sustainability just a trending topic.

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