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Girls on Ladder

New Year ... New Website

Kayleigh Dormedy / 18 January 2016

As you may know, last year we re-branded from Fashion Therapy to Fashion Heaven. So this year we feel as though the time is right to launch our brand new website. We have a fresh look with some super exciting ventures in the pipeline for the upcoming year.

We have Portfolio Heaven launching later this year (see tab above) and we also have some guest bloggers writing exciting content for us as we...

Lumiere London

Lumiere London - lighting up your nights!

Kayleigh Dormedy / 14 January 2016

It may be cold, damp and well, winter right now, but London is about to brighten up your January.

From the 14th -17th January, every evening, starting at 6:30, iconic landmarks across the City will be illuminated be a variety of spectacular light instillations. The Light festival, Lumiere, is set to include beautiful fibre optic dresses at famous department store Liberty, a tropical light garden...


Fashion Heaven's Star Bloggers

Kayleigh Dormedy / 14 January 2016

Now I don’t know about you but here at Fashion Heaven we adore bloggers! So, to celebrate the start of the year we have compiled a list of our top 5 favourite bloggers right here for you.

Lily Melrose - The 25 year old Brighton Blogger has captured our hearts with her super cute fashion sense and very helpful advice.

Sarah Ashcroft - We love Sarah. A LOT. We have even...

Ziggy Stardust

The Icon. The Hero. David Bowie.

Kayleigh Dormedy / 14 January 2016

David Bowie is and always will be a fashion Icon. Whilst we mourn his tragic death, we can look back at his incredible career and whether you are a fan or not, you can’t deny the impact Bowie had on the fashion industry.

His fashion power stemmed from his fearlessness, his desire to express his artistry at all levels. His uber glam, vibrant coloured, flashy outfits echoed his spectacularly timeless...


Womens Jerseywear Designer

Kayleigh Dormedy / 11 December 2015

We have an exciting new design role that has just landed in our laps for you. We are now recruiting for a Womens Jerseywear Designer.

This unique role focuses on the design of a trend inspired urban collection for the branded market selling in independent stores and offering an alternative look inspired by the music scene and underground culture. You will be responsible for seasonal trend research...